September 30, 2013

Collaborative Technical Services Team meeting minutes

Collaborative Technical Services Team meeting minutes
September 13, 2013

Present at the meeting were: Beth Burnett, Bill Clayton, Bill Walsh, Cathy Jeffrey, Chris Huff, Dave Evans, Hallie Pritchett, Sherrida Crawford, Donna Bennett for Joe Mocnik, Lorene Flanders, guest

The primary purpose of the initial meeting was to organize the group and discuss plans for future meetings. The first order of business was to select a vice chair and a recorder for the group. Chris Huff volunteered to serve as vice chair. Chris nominated Sherrida Crawford to serve as recorder. Sherrida asked for time to consider how that would impact her other commitments. Selection of a recorder was postponed to a later date.

The group discussed future meetings. It was mentioned that Merryll Penson had requested that first draft proposals for a Next Generation Catalog rfp should be completed by December. With that in mind, the committee decided to schedule 2 meetings per month with meeting days and times to be determined.

Laura Burtle who will be responsible for communication for the Next Generation Catalog project stopped by the meeting to let us know that a Blog would be established for posting minutes and allowing discussion.

The group suggested that it might be beneficial to invite additional members. Suggested additions were Marlee Givens from Georgia Tech, Toby Graham from UGA and Miriam Nauenburg from West Georgia.

The group also had an initial discussion of collaborative technical services. The topics discussed were wide ranging and included: creation of a USG repository; centralized processing; a single online catalog; collaborative collection development; budgeting and the development of a financial model. The group considered the question “What is Technical Services?” discussing the idea that perhaps it should include all back office functions including system administration and interlibrary loan.

Submitted by Cathy Jeffrey

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