September 17, 2013

GIL Next Generation Library System Planning Begins

On Friday, September 13 representatives from USG libraries met to kick-off planning for a next generation library system.

Seven teams will be working on developing requirements for an RFP

  • Acquisitions (Acq/Serials/ERM), Contact: Dana Walker
  • Assessment (Assessment/Reports/Analytics/Business Intelligence), Contact: Deborah Prosser
  • Cataloging (Cataloging/Metadata), Contact: Erin Grant
  • Fulfillment (Circulation, ILL, GIL Express), Contact: Viki Timian
  • Cloud (Cloud/Systems/Architecture), Contact: Bob Trotter
  • Discovery_GIL OPAC (Discovery, GIL-FIND), Contact: Jeff Gallant
  • Communications, Contact: Laura Burtle
A Collaborative Technical Services team is also meeting, and their input will inform the planning. Contacts for this team are Cathy Jeffry and Chris Huff.

You can view the slides from the presentation here.

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