October 1, 2013

ACQ/SER/ERM subcommittee minutes 9/13/13


The purpose of the ACQ/ERM/Serials Team is to develop set of requirements in our area of expertise for the Request for Proposal (RFP).

NGP-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU is the planning committee’s listserv address. GA-G2ALL will go to anyone in the USG subscribed to the G2ALL list, so be aware of who your audience will be when posting to the lists.

Kat Hart agreed to be the team recorder. Charlie Sicignano agreed to the team alternate. The team tentatively agreed to set regular meetings online every 2 weeks, starting the first week in October. Dana will have WebEx training on September 24. Subsequent meetings will be via WebEx.

We discussed the need to set up a listserv for the group. Dana will see what the committee has already done in this regard and get back with us. Dana will also set up a Google Drive account for the group.

As far as professional knowledge is concerned, the team determined that we are well covered. It was noted that the ACQ rep on the GIL coordinating committee is Miriam Nauenburg from West Georgia.

The question arose if the larger committee will give us some kind of scope for the RFP. Dana pulled the Orbis Cascade RFP, and will post it to the Google Drive.

Marlee Givens is the blog rep. Once approved by the group, the official minutes of each group should be communicated on the blog.

The group brought up the following initial thoughts…

We need strong long term dependable support from the vendor.

Are there any specs out there that compare the currently available systems?

Merryll Penson sat in on the meeting for a few minutes. She indicated that we can by start discussing a wish list.

The question arose if we want smaller sub groups within the team (i.e. acq, serials, erm). It was agreed that this might be beneficial on a temporary basis.

The group retired to join the larger committee.

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