December 9, 2013

Cloud Team Meeting Minutes 2013-12-05

Present: Bob, Bill, Caryl, Chris, Craig, Doug, Phil

(Bill) Update about status of NextGen project. Many of the groups have already contributed drafts of their initial RFPs. At Tuesday’s Team Leader meeting it was decided not to distribute initial contributions of various teams to all teams since many of them are still in an early draft format and might, therefore, create more confusion than clarification.

The schedule is that in early January (6th) the various drafts will be put together into an initial version of the RFP. December 20th remains as the date for all groups to contribute their first RFP drafts.

Hard deadline of team leaders putting together first pass of draft is January 6th. A team leaders meeting is scheduled for January 16th where they will be using a compiled version of the RFP. The RFP will be distributed amongst the various groups on either Jan. 16th or 17th.

(Bob) Our draft has not been turned in yet pending our group’s approval of existing document. Bob is going to work on the draft after our meeting to remove elements from the Orbis Cascade document that aren’t relevant to our USG needs.

(Doug) Question about whether Jan 6th first draft is close to final version. Bob clarified that it’s expected that the Jan. 6th draft (to be released to all groups on Jan. 16th or 17th) will still require a significant amount of editing; it is just an initial draft. Bob mentioned that the draft will also be shared with specialized libraries (e.g., medical, music) to make sure their needs are also reflected in the RFP draft.

(Bill) It was discussed whether it’s OK to use exact wording of Orbis Cascade document. Merryll has had extensive contact with Orbis Cascade and they are OK with our use of their document as a template. Our group, Cloud Team, agrees that we feel OK about using existing wording of OC document when it matches the points that we need to address.

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